Get Ready For Bee Culture’s Next Event: A Case For Honey

Four medium sized Producer Packers and a medium and large Packer will be in Medina in October to share what they know, and to give you insights into what you need to know, and need to do to be successful in this business. Selling strictly retail, strictly wholesale, strictly bulk – they all need attention, as does buying wholesale and buying bulk. What equipment will you need, what volume will you need and where will you get that much honey? How many employees will you have to have? What about permits, zoning, insurance, labeling…it all comes under the microscope when you open the doors for business. Find out here.


And who can help? What businesses are in business to offer your business help with all of this? Are there any, some, none. If there are, what’s the cost? What’s the value? Find out here.

And what about The National Honey Board. If you’re small you don’t have to make that contribution, but even so, can they help? What can they do? Why would they help? Find out here.

We mentioned insurance? How much, for what? What are the risks? What can go wrong and how can you prevent it? Find out here.

And what does the government think about all this? What is honey? What food safety regulations affect you now that the new rules are in place? Can the FDA give you help, or just get in the way? Find out here.

A Case For Honey. October 22 and 23, 2016 at Bee Culture’s Conference Center, 640 West Liberty Street, Medina, Ohio.

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Registration is $150 per person. We will begin taking reservations March 1, 2016. There is a limit on how many we can take so consider registering early.

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Mark Your Calendars Now!

October 22 and 23, 2016
Bee Culture’s Conference Center
640 West Liberty Street
Medina, Ohio