EAS 2024 in Ellicott City, Maryland August 5-9 – Last days to Register!

EAS 2024 in Ellicott City, Maryland August 5-9 – Last days to Register!

EAS 2024 in Ellicott City, Maryland August 5-9 – Last days to Register!

Have you registered for the EAS 2024 Short Course and Conference? In less than two months Turf Valley Resort in Ellicott City will be swarming with beekeepers from hither and yon, from Canada to California, and even overseas.

Registration closes on July 1You must be a member to register.

EAS is recognized for its three missions: education, research, and Master Beekeepers. The two-day Short Course (Aug 5-6) provides 16 hours of excellent classes at beginner, intermediate and advanced levels. But wait, there’s more! The microscopy lab leads you through a detailed examination of honey bee anatomy, including dissecting queens. The queen rearing class takes you through advanced queen rearing. Our apiary, right out the back door, provides hands on demos and time to ask practical questions of wizened experts.

Photo Credit Diane Wellons


We are introducing the “Deep Dive” class this year. Think of these as in-depth seminars on specific topics: honey show judging, honey bee biology, increases with splits and nucs, and varroa and legal treatments. What is different, and we believe special, is the thorough coverage. For example, instead learning about Varroa from lectures and classes at different meetings throughout the year, as is par for the course, you will gain a thorough and comprehensive understanding in one class. We’re Maryland beekeepers; we’re bold; we’re willing to try new approaches and the Deep Dive is our bold new attempt to provide a better lesson.

The three-day Conference (Aug 7-9) is equally jam-packed with potential to improve your bee and beekeeping knowledge as well as beekeeping and bee crafting skills. There will be more energy and activity than bees in a swarm!  Mornings begin with internationally known keynote speakers and afternoons offer a broad and diverse set of workshops and classes.

Did you know EAS has budgeted $20,000 in 2024 for honey bee research grants? This is seed money for researchers to show larger grant organizations that the largest non-commercial beekeepers’ organization has reviewed and vetted the proposal and put their money where their mouth is. EAS also provides additional money for scholarships, recognition for excellent student research, as well as recognizing excellence in apicultural education and public outreach. All of this is supported by donations and profits from the Conference.

The EAS Master Beekeeper program not only tests applicants at the Conference, but many MBs teach classes during the Short Course and the Conference. Up your beekeeping game and see what it means to be an EAS Master Beekeeper.

Our vendor hall will let you see real equipment first-hand. Some suppliers even will let you order online for free delivery at EAS! Have something big in mind?? Here’s your chance!

And, finally, beekeepers will have fun! There are social events, planned and unplanned every evening. Make new friends, learn new tricks, share ideas over dinner and a few drinks.

Check the EAS schedule on the MSBA or EAS web pages.