CATCH THE BUZZ – Young Harris Beekeeping Institute Coming In May. Don’t Miss It!

Hello Fellow Beekeepers,
We wanted to make you aware of the 28th annual Young Harris Beekeeping Institute, May 22-25, on the campus of Young Harris College in Towns County. This is the most comprehensive beekeeping educational event in the Southeast, offering a full plate of classes for anyone interested in beekeeping, from brand-new beginner to advanced. The Institute is home to the Georgia Master Beekeeper program and the Welsh honey judge training program. Our faculty include invited experts from University of Sussex in UK, NC State, and Emory – as well as over 25 home-grown Georgia beekeeping educators. This is the Big Event of the year for anyone interested in learning to keep bees and promote pollinators.

Hope to see you there!
Take care,
University of Georgia Bee Lab Crew

Program and registration information are here


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