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Becoming 21st Century Leaders:
Women in Beekeeping & Agriculture
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Our educational event supports the human side of beekeeping and agriculture. Sharpen your leadership, business, and safety skills to start and grow your business, improve your local and state association, and learn how to be safe in the out yard and boardroom.

3 Education Tracts: Leadership, Business, Safety
32 different topics

Our diverse array of speakers are trained, experienced, licensed experts in law, accounting, biology, volunteer administration, education, leadership, and more. Speakers will provide you with the “how-to” you need to start your business, provide insightful “lessons learned” from real-world experience in management, and offer skills and strategies for personal safety in and around the out yard and the board room.

With the online virtual conference we can offer continuing education that supports inspiring new ideas and new entrepreneurs. Our virtual educational event saves you money by reducing your travel costs, reduces your carbon footprint, and protects your health.

Becoming 21st Century Leaders: Women in Beekeeping & Agriculture, Oct. 24-25, 2020, will bring together a hive of experienced, diverse, purposeful individuals to expand the opportunities for women (and men) as keepers of the ecosystem to support the health and sustainability of honey bees, native pollinators, and beekeeping. Learn more about our scheduled speakers on our website under “Becoming 21st Century Leaders.” REGISTRATION IS NOW OPEN!

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