CATCH THE BUZZ – We Bet You’ve NEVER Done Any of These, Right?

The Top 10 ways Beekeepers screw up Valentine’s Day

    10. He buys one of those heart-shaped candy boxes on February 15 when the price drops.

     9. Since she complains about wading through mud in the beeyard, he figures new rubber boots would be just the               ticket.

     8. Taking her out to check on the new queens on Saturday night isn’t very romantic… probably.

     7. State meetings and field days don’t qualify as “date night.”

     6. And neither does the “Huge Valentine’s Day forklift Auction.”

     5. Missed the new hair style, didn’t you?

     4. He has a long history of bad gifts: jumper cables, coveralls, and multiple camo items.

     3. Isn’t Valentine’s Day in March?

     2. He gives in to renting a chick flick DVD but nods off after 10 minutes.

      1.  A bee company stocking cap? Seriously?