CATCH THE BUZZ – Vending Machine at Jacksonville’s Avenues Mall Dispenses Honey

By: Stacey Readout

A vending machine that dispenses honey is now at the Avenues Mall. (Photo courtesy: Harry Satur)

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – Next time you go to the Avenues Mall on Jacksonville’s Southside, you may notice a different kind of vending machine.

It dispenses local honey from Satur’s Farm, which is a mobile honey farm.

On Tuesday, News4Jax called the owner, Harry Satur, who said he drives around with the honeycombs on a trailer, usually on the Westside and in Mandarin. He also sets up roadside stands, normally on Hodges Boulevard and J. Turner Butler Boulevard but also at the Ramona Flea Market and Pecan Park Flea Market.

Satur said he saw the vending machine concept in Europe and thought it’d be neat to have in Jacksonville. He said Simon Malls wants to put more of these machines in its malls.

The honey costs $15 for a bottle and $20 for a mason jar.


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