CATCH THE BUZZ – USDA: Potatoes, Tomatoes and 5 More, Are America’s Top Vegetable Choices. None Need Honey Bees.

According to loss-adjusted food availability data from the USDA’s Economic Research Service, Americans consumed an average of 156.3 pounds of fresh and processed vegetables per person in 2015.

The loss-adjusted food availability data series takes per capita supplies of food available for human consumption and adjusts for some of the spoilage, plate waste and other losses in restaurants, grocery stores, and the home to more closely approximate consumption.

Potatoes claimed the #1 spot at 48.3 pounds per person, including both fresh potatoes and processed products (frozen, canned, and dehydrated potatoes and potato chips).

Canned tomatoes are the leading canned vegetable, and total tomato consumption (fresh and canned) came in second at 28.3 pounds per person.

Americans consumed 7.7 pounds of fresh and dehydrated onions per person in 2015, almost a pound more than head lettuce consumption.

According to, consumption of carrots, sweet corn, and romaine and leaf lettuce finished the list of America’s top seven vegetable choices.