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California Master Beekeeper Program ‘Beekeeper’s Apprentice’ online – Fun and Educational!

Dr. Elina Niño and a small team at the California Master Beekeeper Program (The CAMBP) at UC Davis invite you to share the message about the importance of science-based beekeeping and honey bee ambassadorship. We are raising funds for an online, accessible, ‘Beekeeper’s Apprentice’ course that is educational, engaging and entertaining for all ages.

 Learners will examine the intersection of honey bees, beekeepers, farmers, food diversity and security and become ‘Honey Bee Ambassadors’, capable of explaining the basics of beekeeping and honey bee biology. They will also be able to convey the effects of pesticides, pests, pathogens, habitat destruction and climate change on our beloved bees. The CAMBP’s online course is a series of science-based modules in which you and your avatar, the ‘Beekeeper’s Apprentice’, explore and earn badges for the knowledge and skills you acquire about honey bee biology, beekeeping basics, equipment and PPE, public safety, farming and food security. You’ll get a ‘bees-eye’ view of what it’s like to be a honey bee through video and audio from inside the hive, and examine the benefits and challenges faced by today’s beekeepers and honey bees.   This course will be accessible to learners across all demographics so kids and grownups can enjoy sharing the science behind the relationship between honey bees and our access to fresh, healthy food.

 Your tax-deductible donation is a legacy to help ensure the health and longevity of our honey bees. Money raised for our ‘Beekeeper’s Apprentice’ course is an investment in science-based knowledge relative to our food security and the health of our environment now and for future generations – let’s educate as many people as we can about the plight of our precious honey bees – Together we can bee the change!

Please support the California Master Beekeeper Program, where our current priority is an online, fully accessible, fun, science-based course to raise awareness of our dependence on honey bees for the many delicious and healthy foods we sometimes take for granted! Thank you for your support and consideration in bee-coming a honey bee ambassador and environmental steward!