CATCH THE BUZZ – The Duchess of Cornwall New President

The Duchess of Cornwall takes on new role as President of charity which uses beekeeping to reduce poverty.

Bees for Development is delighted to announce Her Royal Highness The Duchess of Cornwall as President of the organisation. The charity helps some of the world’s poorest people to become self-sufficient through beekeeping.

In a recorded video message, Her Royal Highness said: “This remarkable charity has found a way to use the busy bee to help alleviate poverty and encourage biodiversity. It works to train and educate people in the simple methods needed to keep bees, often at little or no cost.

This in turn provides a much-needed income to people living in some of the poorest and most isolated communities in the world. And it means that there are more healthy hives of bees working to pollinate crops.

I have a personal reason for supporting this charity, as I keep bees myself. Every year the honey from my hives is harvested and sold for charity, and I am delighted that this year’s honey crop will help Bees for Development continue their very important work.”

Nicola Bradbear, Founder and Director of Bees for Development says: “This is a key time for the charity and I know we will benefit hugely from the enthusiasm and support The Duchess of Cornwall is giving to our work. Bees for Development is thrilled to welcome her as our President.”

Her Royal Highness attended the charity’s Bee Garden Party in June 2019, where she met volunteers and project staff from around the world, including colleagues from Africa and Asia, who were working with Bees for Development in the UK with Commonwealth Fellowship support. The Duchess even tried her hand at weaving an African bee hive.

The Duchess of Cornwall has hives herself, producing honey which she sells to support the charities she is linked to. This year, all proceeds will be donated to Bees for Development.

The 20th of May is a day of celebration of bees known as World Bee Day. It highlights the crucial role that these insects play in our lives, and in ecosystems around the globe, and recognises the need to protect them.

Bees for Development’s home-town of Monmouth, South Wales, has officially been designated as the UK’s first “Bee Town”. As well as being home to the charity, the town hosts an annual “Bee Festival”, various bee-themed events, and its County and Town Councils have special policies in place for pollinators.

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