CATCH THE BUZZ – Tariffs on NW Fruit Lower Prices, Reduce Demand, and Cost Everybody Money, Including Beekeepers.

China increases tax on fruit from American Northwest

Top-quality agricultural products from Washington State felt the effect of China’s recent increase in customs tariffs. This tariff increase was aimed at fruits exported to China, such as pears, apples, and cherries, and increased the customs tariff to 50%.

“This will bring down the price of such fruits as cherries, because there will be more cherries for a smaller market.” This is right in the middle of the cherry season, and according to the North-western Horticultural Committee, China is the largest market in the Pacific region. Cherry export to China was worth 127 million USD.

Chair of the Horticultural Committee, Mark Powers, stated that the increased customs tariffs will affect everybody. This policy cuts the profits of orchard owners. These policies do not easily change, and Mark Powers stated that he is worried that when trade connections with China are lost, they are difficult to establish again. China currently imports cherries from Turkey. If these trade relations become more stable, then it will be impossible for cherry orchard owners from the American Northwest to find their way in again.