CATCH THE BUZZ – Pretty Straight Forward. ND Wants to Fund Research. Here’s How You Find Out More!


The North Dakota Department of Agriculture (NDDA) is seeking grant proposals for research devoted
to finding practical solutions to honey bee health problems. Up to $130,000 will be made available
during this grant process. Multiple grants may be awarded. Proposals funding partial projects and
proposals providing valuable extensions of previously funded projects will be considered.
Applicants are invited to respond to this request by submitting a proposal for any or all of the
following research priorities:
• Varroa mite control
• Understanding honey bee viruses and effects on honey bee health
• Correlating pathogen presence to management practices
• Any other problem-solving ideas of interest to the beekeeping industry


Proposals do not have to be elaborate or lengthy, but they must adequately explain the objective of the
study, the experimental approach in enough detail to allow critical evaluation of feasibility, and the
budget in sufficient detail to explain how funds will be spent. The NDDA does not pay overhead or
indirect costs on funded research grants. A presentation/interview may be requested from finalists.
Each grant proposal in response to this request must include the following:
A. Honey Bee Research Funding Request Form
B. A complete summary of the project including rational and how the objectives will be met
C. Budget
D. Information about previous research experience and qualifications
E. Additional information that is considered pertinent and will enhance the quality of the proposal
F. Proposals must be received on or before May 31, 2019 at:

Samantha Brunner, State Apiary Inspector
North Dakota Department of Agriculture
600 East Boulevard Ave, Dept. 602
Bismarck, ND 58505-0020
OR email to:

Please direct any questions to the above address or contact Samantha Brunner at (701) 328-4765 or at