CATCH THE BUZZ – North Carolina, Certified Honey Producers

North Carolina State Beekeepers Association announces Certified Honey Producer Program

The Certified by NC State Beekeepers Association symbol on a bottle of honey lets buyers know they are getting real, pure, natural, and nutritious local honey produced by trusted North Carolina beekeepers. And approved beekeepers can be found online!

RALEIGH, N.C. Certified Honey Producer Program
The North Carolina State Beekeepers Association (NCSBA) is pleased to announce their Certified Honey Producer Program (CHPP) to help customers concerned about the quality of the honey available to them and to help North Carolina beekeepers connect to those customers. The program has strict membership requirements to ensure adherence to its guidelines which call for honey produced by honeybees within North Carolina.

In addition, no adulterated honey, no removal or addition of pollen, no feeding of sugar or corn syrup during nectar flows, no beekeeper-applied additives or flavorings, and no enzyme-destructive heating are allowed. Only pure natural honey from North Carolina honeybees. CHPP members also are held to a monitored higher standard and are expected to follow established and reasonable beekeeping practices, employ sanitary and healthy honey extraction procedures, and follow proper labeling and marketing of their honey.

Thus, most international, national, or out-of-state honey producers, distributors, importers, and sellers are not allowed to display the NCSBA Certified Honey symbol. Only approved members of the Certified Honey Producer Program can legally display this symbol.

Honey Locator Map
This online interactive map shows the location of every beekeeper who is a member of the NCSBA Certified Honey Producer Program. To find a beekeeper, enlarge the map to find your location, and then click on a nearby pin to repeal that beekeeper’s name, address, phone number, email, and/or website.

The map can be found on the NCSBA website. An alphabetical searchable registry of CHPP members can also be found on the NCSBA website.

With over 5,000 members, this is the largest state beekeeping association in the nation. In 2017, we celebrated our 100-year anniversary. The association is proud to support North Carolina beekeepers with yearly conferences, beekeeping training and education, and programs like the Certified Honey Producer Program.