CATCH THE BUZZ: National Honey Board Seeks Proposals

National Honey Board Calls for Research Proposals to Seek Ways to Increase U.S. Honey Production

Firestone, Colo., July 21, 2014 – The National Honey Board has issued a call for research proposals to study how to increase U.S. honey production. The goal of the study will be to provide the National Honey Board as well as the U.S. honey and beekeeping industry with possible strategies and action steps to proactively address ways of increasing U.S. honey production. The amount being considered by the Honey Board is in the healthy five figures, according to Bruce Boynton, Chief Executive Officer.

“Many ideas have been mentioned as possible causes of declining honey production,” said Bruce Boynton, CEO of the National Honey Board. “This project could take any one of several directions, from looking into declining forage, changes in agricultural crops, re-seeding with crops that are less favorable to honey production, and challenges to maintaining the health of the honeybees.”

The deadline for proposals is October 15, 2014. Proposals will be reviewed and considered for funding in the Board’s calendar year 2015 budget.

The National Honey Board is an industry-funded agriculture promotion group that works to educate consumers about the benefits and uses for honey and honey products through research, marketing and promotional programs.