CATCH THE BUZZ- He Lost 400 Hives in Bush Fire

Kangaroo Island Bush Fires Destroy Propolis Producing Beehives.

Mick is a beekeeper in the western part of Kangaroo Island South Australia. In the bush fires he lost 400 hives on Hanson Bay Sanctuary. In addition to organic honey bees from these hives produce propolis which is currently undergoing clinical trials for the treatment of skin cancer. To date this part of Kangaroo Island is the only place where bees produce this type of propolis so it is important that these hives be replaced. He needs funds to replace at least 400 hives.

Each flat pack hive costs $A230 which means he needs $92,000.for hives. Where he lived was burnt down and the buildings where he stored equipment have been lost. He also needs to build a new shed estimated at $82,000

Kangaroo Island is a sanctuary for a unique population of Ligurian bees. This strain of bees was brought to Kangaroo Island over 100 years ago and is now the only preserved colony of this pure strain of Ligurian bees in the world today. The strain is known for the quality and quantity of its honey. Ligurian bees are also quite docile making them very useful for hives in cities. The strain is protected on the island with strict quarantine laws to keep out disease and bee pests therefore keeping its bees healthy and pure. The island is a key grafting (breeding) place for its own Queens and also exports Ligurian Queens to the rest of the world