CATCH THE BUZZ – Costco/PAm Scholarships Invest In Honey Bee Research. Over $550,000 So Far.

Sarah Yaddaw, Communications Director PAm

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In 2013 Costco and PAm launched the first Costco/PAm scholarship awards.  Costco has an admirable commitment to sustainability, and is a champion supporter of honey bee research, recognizing it as an investment to ensure an ethical and sustainable food supply.   

Investing in research that has real and practical impacts on the sustainability of both honey production and crop production is the foundation of the Costco/PAm partnership.  We often think of sustainability in terms of resource management, but another component of sustainability is developing intellectual expertise by supporting those who will help in the future: tomorrow’s bee scientists. The students who receive this PhD scholarship bring new energy, ideas, and expertise to the fold of scientists pushing the fronts of bee health research across the globe. They will become the leaders who innovate and support the next generation of beekeepers and pollinators. 

Since 2013 the Costco/PAm scholarship funds in USA and Canada have awarded over $550,000 in scholarships to seven of the most impressive up-and-coming bee researchers who are committed to a better future for bees.  These scholars have already made significant contributions and important discoveries through their research, been recognized with awards of merit, published peer-reviewed academic articles, and continue with dedication to solve the mysteries and challenges that bees and beekeepers face. They are also very good at talking with beekeepers and growers, ensuring a connection to ‘bridge the gap’ so that research provides what industry needs and can use. Over the next few months, Project Apis m. will bring you stories about these scholars, their progress, and how their research is making a difference.    

But don’t just take our word for it – in the words of scholarship recipient Cameron Jack, in the Ellis lab at the University of Florida Agriculture and Life Sciences: I am thoroughly convinced that there is nothing more exciting or rewarding than the study of honey bees. If an early-career scientist is involved in research relating to honey bees long enough, the hook will be set so deep that they will be utterly enthralled by the most fascinating and useful species known to mankind. By investing in the education of honey bee researchers, we will attract the brightest minds to field and permanently enlist them in the noble cause of improving honey bee health.”  

With thanks to our wonderful scholars and to Costco, we hope you stay tuned to read more.