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The Art of The Sign
The Bee Informed Team

Ok, so now that we have your attention, please note that we don’t really have anything more to say about the sign.
More importantly, this is the 14th year of the Survey.

And for the 2019/20 edition, we’re one week in!

We deeply appreciate those beekeepers that have filled out the survey, and we deeply appreciate those of you looking to do it in the near future.

Every year we try to improve the Survey. Sometimes returning users may not notice much difference. In other years, those returning most definitely will.

We believe this year is the latter case!

As you get started, you will see that a log-in has been added. This is to improve the quality of the data and will allow you to review and revisit the survey during the entire month of April. It will also allow the software to send you a summary of your responses. The log-in credentials are of course 110% confidential. Feel free to use an alias! ‘Honey’ and ‘Bee’ work perfectly fine. So too does ‘Winnie’ and ‘Pooh’ J

Whichever you choose – your name or an alias – just remember what you used in case you want to go back to your entry at a later time!

The next thing returning users will notice is that we have made some all-important adjustments to questions that we use to calculate colony loss. After consulting with some of our Bee Informed Partnership specialists, we believe these questions are more clear than ever, and will help us improve the quality of the Survey! But we still included our trusty graphic to visualize different periods of the year that we calculate loss for.

So again, thanks so much for your support in these difficult times. We hope that you take half an hour of your day to support us, but more importantly, to support your fellow beekeeper.