CATCH THE BUZZ – BIP Dedicated to Beekeepers

The Bee Informed Partnership is dedicated to working with beekeepers to improve colony health and increase colony survivorship. BIP achieves this goal by collaborating with many of our nation’s leading research laboratories and universities to provide timely colony health data to beekeepers. These data allow beekeepers to make informed, proactive management decisions. Our collaborative, cross-sector efforts have improved our understanding of honey bee declines and identified ways to increase colony survival.

BIP also produces educational resources freely available to the general public that impart the importance of honey bees for our food supply. Through our research, education and outreach efforts we explain the critical issues affecting honey bee health to the public and to beekeepers. We are passionate about making that happen.

BIP is proud to announce the release of two new publications this year. This includes our 2nd edition of Diagnosis and Treatment of Common Honey Bee Diseases, a 66-page spiral bound manual that includes large detailed color images of diseases, disease descriptions and how to treat or address some of the major diseases that honey bees face. This manual is in both English and Spanish, and is a great resource for clubs, crew training, or just having on hand for in-field diagnosis.

Brand new this year is Commercial Beekeeping: A Field Guide. This book is a full color pocket guide and has been three years in the making with over 260 pages of information. This comprehensive publication includes a wealth of material that covers everything beekeepers want to know to improve their beekeeping and take their operation to the next level.

If you are interested in obtaining these publications, please check with your favorite bee supplier.