CATCH THE BUZZ – 2016 Good Food Awards Update, And Reminder About Honey

Good Foods Awards - BUZZ


The 2016 Good Food Awards season begins with our favorite part – opening the door to still more talented producers.  And this year, it’s a door you open every time you cook. For 2016, we celebrate cultural diversity and regional tradition by introducing the Pantry category!  Umami-packed miso pastes, pungent sambal, spicy hot sauce, colorful salsas, savory Indian chutneys and a host of other tasty building blocks to dinner.  Of course, all made in the USA from responsibly sourced, GMO-free ingredients. To cast the widest possible net in finding the exceptional food crafters creating delicious, sustainable pantry staples, we turn to our newest Good Food Awards Committee Chairs, Allison Ball, founder of Allison Ball Consulting and former Grocery Manager at Bi-Rite Market, and Geetika Agrawal, Senior Program Manager at La Cocina, a food incubator primarily focused on women from immigrant communities and communities of color.   Alli enthusiastically joined the team “after recognizing that there are many traditional condiments being made around the US, but no outlet to formally celebrate their cultural or regional authenticity, their delicious flavors, or their commitment to creating a classic recipe in a sustainable way.  Through the Good Food Awards, we will highlight outstanding pantry staples which preserve ancestry, place, and customary cuisine.”

The 2016 Good Food Awards will begin accepting entries for all categories on July 6.  Spread the word now to the crafters of your most tasty, authentic and responsible favorites!  Watch for, or sign up for below, the July newsletter where we’ll lay out all the delicious details.

This year will again have several honey categories, with Amina Harris, Director of the Honey and Pollination Center at the Robert Mondavi Institute, UC Davis, as Honey Committee Chair working with a fantastic crew of judges.

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Photo courtesy of La Cocina.