CATCH THE BUZZ – Véto-pharma distributes ApiLifeVar, a natural thymol-based product in the U.S.

In order to provide a natural varroa control alternative for use by American beekeepers, Véto-pharma has concluded an exclusive distribution agreement with Chemicals Laif, the producer of ApiLifeVar, and is now the exclusive distributor of ApiLifeVar in the United States, from Mannlake ( and Brushy Mountain Bee Farm (

ApiLifeVar has been used in 34 countries for several years, and is the current thymol-based product market leader in Europe. This success is due to its unique formulation, which is a solution composed by 4 natural ingredients: thymol, camphor, levomenthol and eucalyptus oil. This exclusive formulation allows a better release of thymol by contact in addition to the evaporation, improving efficacy. In addition, it allows a reduction in the dosage of thymol in each application, increasing tolerability to honey bees.

According to the National Management Survey of the Bee Informed Partnership1.2.3, colonies treated with ApiLifeVar have better overwintering survival rates than those of hives treated with any other natural varroa treatments available in U.S. during the last three years.

Véto-pharma now offers a range of products to assist beekeepers in combating varroa: two effective miticides, Apivar (amitraz strips) and ApilifeVar (thymol tablets), as well as Varroa EasyCheck, an innovative device for varroa monitoring.

ApiLifeVar is already available from Mannlake ( and Brushy Mountain Bee Farm (