CATCH THE BUZZ – Norm Gary still plays his tunes, talks to the bees, and entertains us all. Check this out.

This picture of Dr. Gary covered with bees and playing the clarinet is the 2-page “center fold” for a book, “A Day in the Life of California”.  Pictures in this book were taken on April 29, 1988 and chosen from 115,000 photos submitted by 100 of the world’s most famous photojournalists.

Dr. Norm Gary started beekeeping as a teenager in Florida 69 years ago!  At 83, he is still doing bee research and is a busy professional musician.  His adventurous long career embraces every imaginable beekeeping experience, including 32 years of research and teaching as a professor at University of California, 40 years of bee stunts for Hollywood movies, TV entertainer on more than 70 shows, Guiness records for bee stunts, and public service projects concerning beekeeping.  His recent book, “Honey Bee Hobbyist” is a must read for all beekeepers, especially those who want to know Dr. Gary’s tips for avoiding bee stings.  This 2-minute link shows some of the exciting moments of his long beekeeping career.