CATCH THE BUZZ – …And The Crooks!!!

 From Valeri Strachan-Severson: 


As we approach almond pollination there is much trepidation about the weather and bees. Unfortunately there is also already some bad news about colony theft! Please share this information widely in hopes to recover these hives. Thank you!

We have bees from a company in Montana we’ve contracted with for almond pollination.  He brought the bees down 6 weeks ago.  They were in one of our bee locations and last night all 482 were stolen.  They’re 8 frame hives on 4-way pallets.  He didn’t have his name on them so we stapled ours on them.  There aren’t many 4 way 8 framers out there so I’m hoping to get the word out so they can be found.  This is not a yard we’ve ever had issues with in the past.  I’m absolutely devastated. These are white 8 frame colonies with grey cedar lids on brand new pallets. The pallets are an odd size, 28.5 x 46.