Beekeeping Merit Badge

Some time ago the Boy Scouts Of American did away with the Beekeeping Merit Badge due to a variety of reasons. Although there was strong protest and a lot of pressure to reinstate it, they declined, at least initially, until further review. But the noise that was made, the consistent pressure especially from a small but dedicated group convinced them that something should be done in the interim. So in their revised and newly released Gardening Merit Badge requirements they included a section on honey bee biology and pollination and made working with a beekeeper one of the choices a Scout could do to complete the badge requirements.

It’s not a Beekeeping Merit Badge but it’s a foot in the door. Or maybe a hive tool under the cover is a better image. Several people worked with Diane Leicht, the Editorial Manager on the project. The Book was just published, just in time for summer…



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  • Brian says:

    I’m appalled at the decision to drop the merit badge please reconsider I just can’t hardly wait to here the reason why? Ill have to search for this right now

    • admin says:

      I’d suggest you contact the Boy Scouts to find out why they decided to drop the merit badge. Unfortunately it’s not up to us!

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