Almond Board starts Pollinator Coalition


Almond Board of California starts Pollinator Coalition


California’s 1,600 native bees, butterflies and other beneficial insects — needed to pollinate crops — are facing more challenges of scarce water, urbanization and climate change. With this problem in mind, the Almond Board of California is spearheading the formation of the California Pollinator Coalition, a network of more than 20 agriculture and conservation-minded organizations, according to the board’s July/August newsletter.

The main goal is to encourage growers and ranchers to adopt voluntary, pollinator-friendly practices in and around California agricultural lands through on-farm and on-orchard projects.

“Growers understand the role of pollinators and beneficial insects on their operations, and evidence shows that creating habitat can benefit both growers and the environment,” said board chief scientific officer Josette Lewis in the newsletter.

The coalition plans to meet this goal three ways:

  • Create grower and rancher-friendly guidance on how to build and maintain pollinator habitat on farms and ranches.
  • Conduct research and share the relevant findings; and
  • Monitor outcomes, such as adoption rates and effectiveness of practices.

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