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CATCH THE BUZZ – Honey Bee Nutrition

Honey bee nutrition might be key to healthy populations AgriLife Research, USDA project looks to honey bee diets to reduce population losses. A newly funded Texas A&M AgriLife Research project…

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New Honey Bee Pests In North America

and northern Africa; none are native to North America. A few species are considered serious predators of European honey bees, the type of bee managed by beekeepers in North America….

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CATCH THE BUZZ – World Bee Day!

World Bee Day Celebrates Beekeepers and Bees Bee Health Research Makes Important Discoveries   For us at the National Honey Board (NHB), World Bee Day is every day. But on…

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CATCH THE BUZZ – Honey Bee Swarm Season

Bee Swarms: Local Beekeepers Prepare for Season Christine Menges – Paul Vincent and daughter in the process of capturing the first swarm of bees Vincent ever caught. Photo /…

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CATCH THE BUZZ- Bee Informed Partnership

for your support in these difficult times. We hope that you take half an hour of your day to support us, but more importantly, to support your fellow beekeeper.…

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