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Rutgers Beekeeping Courses

with the instructors during which you can ask questions about the course content. 🐝 For more information and/or to register, visit: We are here to share current happenings…

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California Rules Bees are Fish

California Court Rules That Bees Are Fish Insects aren’t a category protected by the California Endangered Species Act. So state officials classified four bumblebee species as fish to get them…

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Rutgers Online Course

  Online Beekeeping Courses & Webinars with Rutgers University   Make a beeline to Rutgers University for online beekeeping courses and webinars this spring and summer! From disease and mite…

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California Court Rules on Sulfoxaflor

‘Incredibly Important’ Victory for Nation’s Honey Bees by California High Court “With this ruling, the bees in California are getting much-needed relief just as we’re seeing some of the worst…

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