27th Annual Alabama Beekeepers Symposium

27th Annual Alabama Beekeepers’ Symposium

Online Symposium for beekeepers in Alabama, the southeastern USA, and has applicability to beekeepers in the greater US and Internationally.

Topics will cover the 3 biggest concerns standing in the way of beekeeper success; Queens, Nutrition, and Mites. Speakers will feature notable scientists Dr. Samuel Ramsey; Dr. Priya Basu; and Dr. Philip Neumann. Our other speakers are from the southeastern USA and the Auburn Pollinator Laboratory.

The symposium is spread over 2 days for 4 hours of speakers per day. Registrants will be able to question the speakers live on Zoom and will also get 2 weeks of access to the Symposium recordings.

Alabama Extension is committed to making our programs accessible to everyone.


We are pleased to announce the 27th Annual Alabama Beekeepers Symposium in 2022 will again be online!


February 5th, 8:00AM to 12:00PM

February 6th, 1:00PM to 5:00PM


Our theme is, “Queens, Mites, and Nutrition”, highlighting our three biggest beekeeper problems. Our sessions will revolve around these with practical advice for new and experienced beekeepers.


Our keynote speakers this year include:


Dr. Samuel Ramsey, speaking, from of all places Thailand, on his ground breaking research into Varroa and Tropilaelaps mites.

Dr. Priyadarshini Chakrabarti Basu of Mississippi State University speaking on her honey bee nutritional research.

Dr. Peter Neumann of the University of Bern’s, Switzerland, speaking on small hive beetle from a European approach.


In addition to our exciting research talks we’ll also feature a round of Planting for Pollinators talks from ACES, Auburn, and A&M agents highlighting how to be successful with pollinator forage planting and maintenance. Auburn’s own Pollinator Lab will provide talks on Queens and further researches on Varroa.  Dr. Geoffrey Williams will speak on his time as President of Bee Informed Partnership and what their year to year findings mean to beekeepers.


We ask only a small fee of $20.00 for all 8 hours of talks. In addition to access to the webinar, registrants also get a link to the symposium recordings to view at leisure for 2 weeks. We here at the Alabama Cooperative Extension don’t believe in having to miss out!


Register at: https://bit.ly/3pIY1lK