2023-2024 Special collection of scientific articles on honey bee research from the Journal of Insect Science

By:  and , Michigan State University Department of Entomology

Photo by Ana Heck, MSU Extension

The Journal of Insect Science partnered with the American Association of Professional Apiculturists and the Canadian Association of Professional Apiculturists to publish a special collection of scientific articles on recent research on honey bees: Current Honey Bee Research: Investigating Micro and Macro Aspects of Health and Sociobiology.

The articles are open source, so everyone can access them for free. Articles cover topics that affect honey bee health, including genomics, epigenetics, immunity, toxicology, host-parasite interactions, nutrition, evolutionary biology, behavior, physiology and population ecology.

Michigan State University’s Meghan Milbrath and Peter Fowler worked with colleagues Declan Schroeder and Jessica Kevill to publish “No impact of hygienic behavior and viral coinfection on the development of European foulbrood in honey bee (Apis mellifera) colonies during blueberry pollination in Michigan.”

To learn more, visit the Current Honey Bee Research: Investigating Micro and Macro Aspects of Health and Sociobiology from the Journal of Insect Science. You can also view articles in a previous special collection from the Journal of Insect Science: Honey Bee Research in the United States: Investigating Fundamental and Applied Aspects of Honey Bee Biology.