The 12 Days Of Christmas Carol Contest!

On The First Day Of Christmas, My Bee Keeper Gave To Me, A Beautiful Italian Queen Bee

On the Second Day Of Christmas, My Bee Keeper Gave To Me, 2 Empty Supers and a Beautiful Italian Queen Bee

On The Third Day Of Christmas….

You know how this goes…send us the 12 days of Christmas, each with a beekeeping theme, and we’ll publish as many of the best entries as we have room for in the December issue.

There are only a few rules for this contest:

Every day has to have a beekeeping theme

Spelling, rhyme, rhythm and meter count

Your entry has to be sing-able (is that a word?)

It has to be original

Keep it in the spirit of the season – friendly and fun

All entries have to be here by Midnight, October 1, 2014, no exceptions

You can have as many as 3 different entries

We accept only electronic submissions. Each email must have the name, address, and phone number of the entrant and each entry MUST have 12 Days in the subject line, and each email must have only ONE (1) entry. And send every one of those entries to

That’s it. All entries will be judged by a tone deaf Bee Culture staff after midnight that night who have been sampling some Christmas Cheer, kind of early, and maybe some other office folks. We’ll see who sticks around.

Prizes. YES there are PRIZES.

FIRST PRIZE – A Life time subscription to Bee Culture Magazine. Value…unknown, but probably more than a couple grand…maybe even more if you’re lucky, and young enough. But there’s more! We are going to put the winning entry’s lyrics ON THE COVER OF THE DECEMBER ISSUE SO THOUSANDS AND THOUSANDS OF FOLKS CAN SEE AND SING YOUR SONG!

SECOND PRIZE – A five year subscription to Bee Culture Magazine. Value…about $125 or so, maybe more if the price goes up.

THIRD PRIZE – A three year subscription to Bee Culture Magazine. Value…over $100 anyway.

So songbirds, get busy. You have only until October First, 2014.

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