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A Biological Wonder of Historical Books. More than 40,000 online titles for free.

"What kind of bee?" color poster (8.5x11)

A Bee Lover’s Garden Calendar and Fund Raiser

A beekeeping Forum, and Loads of Beekeeping Information

A Resource Guide to Flower Pollination

African Honey Bees are Where? Latest Map.

All About Infant Botulism from The National Honey Board

Back Home Magazine…Good information for Everyone

Bee Blog

Bee Culture’s Home State Beekeepers

Bee Culture’s Local County Group

Bee Friendly Farming With Partners For Sustainable Pollination

Climate Change Articles…Warmer is Better

Colony Collapse Disorder – What, Where, When, How and Why?

Colony Collapse, And Other Beekeeping Events Blog on thedailygreen Web Page

Dutch Gold Honey – East Coast Honey Packers

E-Extension Bee Health – The NEW Honey Bee Health Web Page to End all Extension Web Pages. Check it out.

Environmental and economic aspects of climate change

EPA Pollinator Protection Propaganda – Have they Changed?

Eric Mussen’s UC Davis Beekeeping Newsletter

Everything Beekeeping In Canada

Farming Magazine – Farming and Living Well

Find Any Kind Of Honey, Anywhere. The National Honey Boards Listing. Honey Sellers From All Over

Follow The Almond Bloom – All Year Long

Getting off the grid? Live off the land? Here’s How.

Golden Heritage Foods – Midwest Honey Packers

Groeb Farms – Michigan, Florida and more, Honey Packers

Haagan Dazs Ice Cream – Help The Honey Bees

Hive Tracks is a powerful application where your beekeeping records are accessible and secure

Insect Pollination Of Crops, by John Free

International Pollination Initiative

Leslie Land – Good Food, Good Gardens, and Sometimes Bees

Merrimack Valley Apiaries – Pollination, nucs and honey

More Beehive Styles Than You Can Imagine

National Honey Bee Awareness Day – August 21, 2010

National Weather Service –Is it Gonna Rain?

Natural Beekeeping – Top Bar Hives

Need A Microscope? Get One Here.


NPIC links

NPIC links

Ontario Beekeeper’s Association Tech Transfer Team

Organic Beekeeping - No Chemicals, Small Cell Advocates

Pesticide Emergency Resources

Project Apis m – Bee Research Funding, Results and Information

Randy Oliver’s Page, Lots and Lots of Good Beekeeping Information

Really Raw Honey - Now You Know What It Is

Russian Bee Breeders Association – Start Today

Saving Nature is habitat forming

Selections From The E. F. Phillips Beekeeping Collection at Mann Library, Cornell University – The Hive and the Honey Bee Collection – Find a book online.

Sioux Bee Honey – Everywhere Honey Packers

Slow Food…Just Plain Good Food

Sweet Honey In The Rock…Really Good Music

The $4.1 Million Cap Grant

The Beekeeping Resource Guide

The Pollinator Home Page

The Pollinator Partnership – Not Just Bees

USDA Agricultural Library – Find a book

West Virginia Best Practices Rules

West Virginia Immunity Bill