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Colony Collapse Disorder

A letter From Jerry Bromenshenk, Bee Alert Technology, September, 2007
There's more to virus detection than meets the eye....

All the News From The CCD Scientists, Published Sept 6, 2007.

The latest CCD article...good, but nothing new, really. From Fortune magazine.

USDA Unveils CCD Action Plan here

The MAAREC CCD Page....find it HERE

1 Initial Report From Malcolm Sanford.pdf - 46 KB

2 Colony Collapse Disorder Update by Malcolm Sanford.pdf - 113 KB

3 Colony Collapse Disorder. An Editorial by Kim Flottum.pdf - 63 KB

4 Letter From Pollinator Dave Hackenberg to his Growers about CCD.pdf - 173 KB

5 ARS Colony Collapse Disorder Workshop Beltsville Maryland April 2007.pdf - 96 KB

6 Tracking A Serial Killer - Jim Fischer.pdf - 71 KB

7 Colony Collapse Disorder Have We Seen This Before - Robyn M. Underwood and Dennis vanEngelsdorp.pdf - 81 KB

8 Progress Report From The CCD Working Group.pdf - 1 MB

9 Pollinator Protection Research Act of 2007.pdf - 31 KB

CCD Sampling Plan From BeeAlert.pdf - 684 KB

How You Can Help - from BeeAlert.pdf - 580 KB

Read Kim Flottum's regular CCD blog on here

The MAAREC CCD Page....find it HERE

Published in Mid-May.
The Estimate Of Managed Colony Losses In The Winter Of 2006 -2007.
Commissioned by the Apiary Inspectors Of America.

Want to know all about Genetically Modified Plants and their affect on honey bee health. Here's a long list of references for the academically inclined.
Click Here.

See what the USDA has to say about CCD and more about honey bees here

Late June Results From BeeAlert Survey. Over 600 survey results included, see Here.

The MAAREC CCD Page....find it HERE

Current CCD Map, with1975 Comparison

Read the Mid-July findings from USDA,including the New CCD Action Plan, go Here

Read TheDailyGreen snyopsis by Dan Shapley Here

USDA Unveils CCD Action Plan here