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forklift rodeo

Bob Koehnen

…ended with a fireworks show. This unique forklift, designed by Bob Koehnen, hasdouble forks,making itpossible to move two pallets at a time. It is one of many of hisinventions for…

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Build A Migratory Pallet

…skid loader or forklift. Forewarned: The hive clips (parts #8) are available in 2 designs. The “U” design forces you to have your hive body sides touching each other. Consequently…

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Bottom Board

rodeo cowboy. “Someday soon, goin’ with him, someday soon . . .” The nasty good California rockabilly band Cracker played an outdoor Valentine concert in Aspen last night, right at…

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Bigger Picture

…going to get thrown like a bad rodeo clown. We had our teams assembling fences for three days straight and managed not to lose any more hives to bears. Stan…

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No Lifting!

…more functional if properly housed. They can also be built into a trailer, truck or container and easily transported. Instead of a forklift, straps, and pallets – just close the…

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…Peter sitting in his wagon, young Peter driving a forklift, a mature Peter with wife and children, Peter in his veil beside a colony of bees, an elderly Peter surrounded…

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