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colongy collapse disorder


Beepocalypse Inspired Activism

Bees are struggling and there are many ways to help by Ross Conrad Ever since the first public announcements of colony collapse disorder (CCD) came to light in 2006,…

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What is killing the bees in greece?

…suffers from Colony Collapse Disorder symptoms (CCD) as well. Beekeeping in Greece is very much part of its history and rubric. There are a total of 1.5 million beehives. In…

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A five-frame nucleus colony awaiting additional empty frames. Many beekeepers have turned to splitting hives and making nucs in an effort to make up for record colony losses.

The Apicultural Coverup

…Colony Decline, PLoS ONE,  Cox-Foster, D., et. al., (2007) A Metagenomic Survey of Microbes in Honey Bee Colony Collapse Disorder, Science, Vol. 318, Issue 5848 pp 283-287 Douglas, M.,…

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CATCH THE BUZZ: Illegal Honey, Again.

…Hackenberg of Union County, Pennsylvania’s largest commercial beekeeper, said his bees once produced 250,000 pounds of honey each year. Since researchers identified colony collapse disorder in 2006, Hackenberg’s annual honey…

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Bee samples.

The Voice Of The South: Neonicotinoids

…of high honey bee mortality (termed Colony Collapse Disorder) to neonicotinoids or any other insecticides. It is a ‘no brainer’ to say that insecticides have a great potential for harming…

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CATCH THE BUZZ: An Almond Blossom Story

…mysterious colony collapse disorder, mite problems, a lack of forage and impacts attributed to crop-protection materials applied during bloom. To secure enough bees to pollinate its almond crop, Paramount Farming…

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CATCH THE BUZZ: Plant Virus Moves to Bees

…“Thus, RNA viruses are a likely source of emerging and reemerging infectious diseases,” explain these researchers. Toxic viral cocktails appear to have a strong link with honey bee Colony Collapse

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