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Debbie Gilmore, President of Mason Valley Beekeepers, December 2015

Women In Beekeeping

…limits have been defined. What do women in beekeeping experience as beekeepers? I asked 12 women beekeepers across the U.S. about their experiences as a woman in beekeeping. Their personal…

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Hive Tracks Founders Original

Hive Tracks

by James Wilkes Hive Tracks is beekeeping software created by beekeepers for beekeepers with the goal of improving the quality and experience of beekeeping for everyone. It is a…

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Why We Keep Bees?

…of bee stings (or for masochists) 7. For the relatively independent life-style 8. You inherited a bee farm One or more of the above answers probably fits many beekeepers, but…

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JAN LOHMAN: Interview

Jan Is One Of The Movers And Shakers Of The Oregon State Beekeepers by Dewey Caron Jan Lohman and partner Vince Vazza run over 2000 colonies based in Hermiston,…

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What is killing the bees in greece?

…assume that it’s bad beekeepers, but there are signs of CCD. No doubt about that,” says John Phipps, editor of The Beekeepers Quarterly ( In 2010, Phipps went from 40…

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Bee Informed And Be Inspired

…of projects designed to place relevant, understandable information tools for honey bee health in the hands of the nation’s beekeepers. The takeaway is that their discoveries are our discoveries, and…

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Bermuda: Bees or Bust

by Ross Conrad One of the benefits of having written a book on beekeeping is I occasionally get invited as a presenter to speak to groups of beekeepers. Now…

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CATCH THE BUZZ: Huge Bee Kill In Almonds

What Happens In Almonds Doesn’t Stay In Almonds. This Year’s Devastating Bee Kill In California Hurts Apples, Cranberries, Blueberries…and Beekeepers. News Release From The Pollinator Stewardship Council. The last…

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…fact is these entrepreneurs raised $12M from beekeepers, and beekeeper “wanna-bees who probably shouldn’t be.” Sure gadgets attract attention. Honey flowing from the frame directly into a jar makes for…

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Beepocalypse Inspired Activism

beekeepers, especially commercial beekeepers, have seen their yearly colony losses just about double from an average of around 10-20 percent before 2006, to an average of roughly 20-40 percent today….

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